When you name a room or other space at Vernon Homes’ Green House Community in honor of a revered family member or friend, you help create a better world and create lasting honor for your loved one.

As we have said, this long-sought-and-explored alternative in senior living will set the stage for Vernon Homes’ next century of care. It will make a difference in elders’ lives for years to come, and help shape the nation’s care industry.

As you may know, Green Houses offer a personalized, family approach that restores dignity and meaning to long-term care settings. While still relatively new, the concept’s positive impact is being felt at Green House communities across the USA.

Being part of this movement in a tangible way is something in which you and your family can find deep

Your gift to honor someone you hold in high regard supports a true home that will be far removed from the institutional model of care. Their name will be forever linked with the positive transformation of senior care.


Visit to gain a fuller understanding of Green House benefits and of our plans to establish Vermont’s first Green House community.


We offer this special giving opportunity to family groups, that is, relatives who can come together to create a greater collective impact than individual support can provide.

If you would like to participate, we are standing by to provide the individualized support and materials needed for a family member to reach out to and engage other family members.

Innovation in senior care is something that we have been driving since 1920. You could say that once again green new growth is springing from strong roots.

We trust that you share our view that bringing together good people and the Green House Community is an exciting chance to make a meaningful difference worthy of your family.

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